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Imagine a place to share ideas, where your allowed to fail and succeed with equal support. 

Utopian Futures falls into a group of web sites that are a personal passion of mine that always moved to back of list.

Sustainable energy solutions and cleaning up our collective environmental damages.
In fact, I believe as the AI and robots take over in the next ten years our only job will be to clean up our mess! Create a Utopia!


Chasing goals that are out of reach is hard enough, add a few or more people tearing down your ideas, moving them forward becomes impossible. I want to fix that!

Imagine a place to share ideas, where your allowed to fail and succeed with equal support.  Your protected and supported by our small team. The members and sites in the collective will offer features like an AI for simulation, a development platform and a virtual worlds model where the sims can be deployed.

We are using OPEN AI and Unreal Engine 5 and have a mobile VR production solution in progress. We need a lot bigger team! 

To start the project off I’m open to some like minded creatives joining as a means to share ideas on how to proceed. Each will have projects to promote and we will find solutions as a team. Win or lose we can all gain something! Personally like to put some stuff on the table thats been sitting around, cutting out the bad ideas early would be huge!


proimages.com – darrinnupuf.com


Climate Stabalization

A sim that allows people to test ideas and see results. Would allow an AI to be guided towards real solutions. Few years ago this was fantasy stuff. Today maybe a few weeks effort and in reach!

Renewable Energy

There are so many more options then the energy giants will ever create.  This site will show many projects that are worth exploration. Please share them with us!

 Sustainable Farming

Locals farming with modern family farms. Can add so much more to our global systems.  We need to stop the monopolies ASAP! Fine better solutions! Fresh Air Food and Water  -#1 goal for a Utopia!

Wildlife Preservation

Who was here first? We need to build our world around them. Fix our crimes against them! For our own greedy goals we will pay the price! Mother nature is already pissed! Be great to try and fix what we've done.

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

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Our Mission & Approach




That’s the biggest thing I see online today. One person with a different idea and a hundred people on the attack. Fixing that would be first step.

Testing ideas and streamlining the process would be first goals. Only a dedicated team can change the world. They don’t need deep pockets just a purpose and a goal and a community that needs it! 


A Letter from the Board

My Name is Darrin Nupuf  – I’m a CA artist, UAV pilot and photographer specialized in motion control photography and soon virtual production services. I’m not a writer!

I’ve worked in the motion picture industry and currently involved in drones inspections and cinematography. I tend to be able to see the big picture and can document it, chase down issues. I’ve done huge things with no budget, and it’s taken a huge toll. Today after back to back wage thief corporate jobs and few other life things. Decided to make some effort to get the network cleaned up. Six months later… Time to open stuff up and see who has similar ideas!

While I can learn to code better, my plan is to part with web development ASAP to focus on content, virtual production and robotics.  My web project is an immense 200+ website de-centralized WEB3 music and arts cooperative. The cooperative allows us to build tools for complete automation top to bottom. Everyone can focus on goals, not doing busy work for billionaires.

While most sites are building islands, we are building bridges.

The project launched in 1996 and we developed some serious code over the years, pre google, myspace, facebook etc…Scope creep and shady developers is a bad combination. Imagine all the lost development projects like this one over the decades. I learned directly from tearing apart open source code. Our goal is to open source the foundations of this project and make a code repository for lost projects that fit the community goals/security.

Everyone wanted monopolies to data mine peoples personal data and I was on a different plan. We lost! the co-op concept was shunned, attacked and hacked. We just want to build an eco system for artists by artists to help create sustainable income. In a transparent blockchain and NFT solution. Can I do this on my own..not yet!! A number of the crypto’s offer turn key blockchain offers. Not out of reach, we have out lasted everyone the sites are ramping up!  The main idea is within a network of sites..at 1/200 the cost per site a small team can build anything!!

AI language, localized cloud servers and load balancing. 

I’m a person with many ideas and concepts include movies, web properties and many inventions. I try to build or document them, and over the years learned to try and make strategic choices.

Today: I’ve spent months rebuilding the sites updating everything, It’s 50% rebuilt manually and Utopian future is getting the updates now.


Darrin Nupuf


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